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A FREE communication tool for you to monitor and chat with your clients on your website, Facebook, Telegram and Viber.

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How to use the Pointer feature

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We offer a very useful tool on our agent app. The pointer can help you if you want to highlight a specific part of your website. In this case the client will get a message to view the part of the website that you indicate. This is how it works:

While on chat, click on the 3 dots on the top of the chat close to the clients name or location fist and then click on the pointer option. See image:


Then your website will load and you will click on highlight area as shown here:


Choose the area you want to highlight and add a comment:


Then, you will see this on your agent app:


Client will get the message this way:


When they click on view, a part of your website will be highlighted and it will have a comment as shown here:


That is all, we hope you enjoy and make the best out of this killer feature.

Do you still have any questions? Our support team will be more than happy to help you 24x7 in the chat on our site.