Keep your data safe

JivoChat is safe to use on any public network or unsecured locations. TLS provides end-to-end security of data sent between our application over the Internet
Data security in JivoChat
Using JivoChat app in airports, shopping malls and public Wi-Fi is completely safe
Autonomous defense
There are various types of security threats that can affect an application as well as a company’s infrastructure. The JivoChat service provides protection against most dangerous security threats with an active firewall (Web Application Firewall). Both fully automatic and semi-automatic systems of protection and response to emerging security threats are included
Data centers in Amazon Web Services
JivoChat uses data centers in three main regions — United States, South-East Asia, and the European Union provided by Amazon Web Services. Service Data may be stored in any region. We’ve got flexible, scalable data center solutions for global coverage and connectivity
Work around the clock
To ensure the smooth operation of the service, we have different data centers with optimized servers having high-quality operation for the JivoChat application. The technical support team and admin team monitor and backup data 24/7. Your personal data will not be lost when using the JivoChat service.
JivoChat application
Security in the app
Offline protection (Web Application Firewall) and built-in protection in the JivoChat app prevent the loading of malicious code, and also block attacks and potential vulnerabilities. We also conduct regular external information security audits to make sure that we are doing everything right
User data
Log in to the JivoChat app as an account owner as well as an administrator (user), password-protected. All users' passwords are stored in our databases in a hashed form only. Internal company regulations restrict our employees' access to your data
Data isolation
All user data is separated and isolated from each other in such a way that there is no way to access the data of another user.