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How to use the Status feature

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The “Status” feature was designed for your convenience when working with clients for a more efficient way of processing requests.

By using the Status feature, you can assign a specific label (tag) to a client and track at what stage of your workflow the client is, as well as conduct analytics on tags/statuses assigned to customers.

The setting “Statuses” is located in the section Manage -> Customer service, in the Jivo app.

In this section, you will find a list of statuses added to your account, as well as:

1. The ability to create new statuses;

2. Buttons for editing / deleting statuses (note that the preset statuses cannot be edited or deleted);

3. Buttons for moving statuses up or down in the general list;

4. Set reminder: when using a status with the “Set reminder” option activated, a reminder will be automatically created to remind you about the client in 7 days.

And… How to see a list of customers with a particular status? We took care of that. In the Archive -> Clients section, you will find a filter by assigned status. In this case, this information will also be available when downloading clients in the excel file generated by our system.

We wish you a productive work!

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