How to generate and download your invoices

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This tutorial will guide you on how to download your invoice directly from the JivoChat applications.

To download your invoice, access and log in to the JivoChat web app or one of our Desktop apps and go to the "Pro Version" menu.

Make sure you are in the front page of the "Pro Version" menu and click the "Billing History" button.

You'll see a list of all your existing invoices in this section. Only paid invoices will have an invoice generated, which are identified by having a blue "Download invoice" button on the right side. Click "Download invoice" on the invoice you want to download.

In the next step, you may add your company's information which will be added to the generated invoice as the "Customer". This data can be changed at any moment to generate a new invoice with different Customer information on it, if necessary, for example. You can generate and download the same invoice as many times as you want.

After inserting the desired data, click "Prepare documents".

Wait a few seconds for the invoice to be generated and click "Download invoice".

A PDF file with your invoice will be downloaded on your computer. If you can't download the invoice successfully, make sure to disable any adblocker or pop-up blocker you have in your browser or try again from an incognito tab.

That's all! Now you've learned how to generate and download invoices from your JivoChat account.

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