Outlook — setting up auto-forwarding

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Make your workflow even more efficient by handling incoming emails in JivoChat app. You just need to set up auto-forwarding in your mailbox to make it happen.

Here's a step-by-step instruction for Outlook:

1. Start with opening your Outlook account and go to "Settings" > "View all Outlook settings".

2. In Settings window go to "Mail" > "Forwarding", check "Enable forwarding", insert email address from JivoChat and press "Save".

That's all! From now on you'll be getting all new emails to JivoChat app.

Setting up filters

In some cases you don't need all incoming mail in JivoChat, so we'll have to set up a filter. Let's add a filter for emails containing the word "order" as an example.

In your Outlook account go to "Settings" > "View all Outlook settings".

Then go to "Mail" > "Rules" > "Add new rule".

Name your rule. Use the condition "From" to specify the address you're getting emails that you need to redirect from and put your key words in "Subject includes" condition.

Use action "Forward to" and insert the address from JivoChat.

Press "Save" to create a the rule.

Done. You'll be receiving in JivoChat emails you need only.

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