Integration with Slack

Included for free in plans

This integration automatically posts chats logs from JivoChat to the channel on your Slack workspace.

To set up the integration open the JivoChat application, go to Manage > Integrations and click on Slack.

In the integration form you will need to fill in the following fields:

1. Integration name. You can specify any name and it won’t affect its usability. This name will be displayed in the list of connected integrations.

2. Select channels for this integration. Click to open the full list of available channels and select those, where you need the integration to operate.

Fill in the required fields and press the Connect button:

Then, click on Continue to get authorized as administrator of a Slack workspace and complete the integration:

A tip: you need to be logged in your Slack account as an administrator of the workspace in the browser, in that case the connection will occur automatically.

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