Integration with amoCRM

Included for free in plans

Please notice that this integration can only be connected with accounts created at and

The amoCRM integration allows you to sync contacts and tasks with data sourced from chats.

To integrate amoCRM, open your JivoChat application and go to Manage > Integrations and click on "amoCRM".

Insert a name for the integration or use the pre-defined one. Then, select which channels will be integrated with your amoCRM account and click "Connect".

A new window will open on your screen. Click to "Continue".

A pop-up will show up. Insert your amoCRM credentials and click to "Log in".

Select which account should be integrated and click to "Allow".

The pop-up will be closed automatically. Wait a few seconds until you see a message saying "Integration connected successfully" on your screen.

That's it!

Now, after finishing chats in the JivoChat app, you will receive client’s data and chat logs directly in your amoCRM. After connecting, the integration will appear in the "Connected integrations" list, where you can change its settings and view the event logs.

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