How to Install Jivochat on Linux


The good thing about AppImages is that you don't need to install the app, just run it from a binary package. But how is this done? It's actually quite simple and you'll see why.

The first step is to download the AppImage file from Jivochat by clicking here. This file will end in the extension .AppImage.

There are two ways, the first and simplest is to right-click on the downloaded file. Then, with the second mouse click, select Properties -> Permissions -> Create executable. (Must have read and write permissions)

Likewise, another way is by using commands in your Linux terminal, as shown below:

1 - Open the folder where the file was installed, as an example below, the "Downloads" folder and make sure that the file is in the indicated folder

2 - Then open the menu -> click "Terminal"

3 . Follow the step below:

  1. Enter the folder with the command: cd ~/Downloads/
  2. Now you have to give the newly downloaded JivoChat file the necessary permissions with the command: chmod u+x jivosite.AppImage
  3. This application can now be run with the command: ./jivosite.AppImage
  4. Then, just click on the AppImage and install it.

Error installing

When running the installation commands, it may be necessary to install some library. Let's use the example of the error reproduced in the print below, which in this case is "Error loading libfuse".

This error occurs when you need to install the library which is required for the AppImage file type.

1 - To install it, you need Root access (complete administrator of the machine). To change your access, you type: su (press "Enter"), then in Password, enter your password (press "Enter" then).

A message "Do you want to continue?" will appear, write "Y" and click on the "Enter" key to continue

After finishing the library installation, open the terminal again and run the installation as user, following the next step:

  1. Enter the folder with the command: cd ~/Downloads/
  2. Run with the command: ./jivosite.AppImage/

Wait for the installation to be completely finished and then you will be able to log into your JivoChat application using your registration email and password.

Have a great day!

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