How to configure Chat Topics in JivoChat

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If you want to know and analyze the topics of chats from your customers, then you need to set up the "Chat Topics" functionality.

It allows your agents to label each chat according to the topic, and your administrator can track statistics on customer requests depending on the channel or for various periods.

How to configure:

To configure the functionality the administrator needs to go to the "Contact Center" section on the "All" tab and click on the "Chat Topics" button

Create any amount of topics that you want to use to analyze your requests.

Topics can be either nested or non-nested.

In order to create a hierarchical system of topics, just click on the "+" next to the parent topic and add a sub-topic in the twig that opens. You can create up to three child topics.

Each topic can be deleted or edited. for doing this, hover over the block with the topic - icons will appear on the left, just click on icon you need. It allows you to edit or delete the topic.

After you have completed setting up the chat topics, agents can mark all incoming chats according to the topics you have created.

How to use it:

The agent should select in the "About chat" block while working with a request. The agent can select topics in turn or immediately find the right one using the search in the same field.

How to analyze:

The "chat topics" tab is available in the "Statistics" section. Administrators will be able to see the distribution of the chat topics depending on the selected channel or for a certain period.

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