How to customize default widget texts

Included for free in plans

This feature is available only in our PRO version

To customize the default widget texts used in JivoChat, open your JivoChat web app or any of our Desktop apps and go to Manage -> Channels -> Settings (below your website name).

Next, go to Options -> Edit, a small blue text found at the right side of the "Chat Window Language" selector.

Inside the "Edit" menu, you'll find a list of sections and multiple text fields on each section, all used as default in our chat widget. Feel free to customize them any way you want. It is not necessary to save any changes made, simply click outside the text input field after editing a text and it'll save automatically.

That's it!

A new language containing the word "copy" will have been generated and selected to be used in the channel. If you wish to switch back to the default texts in the future, simply select the default language again from the list of available Chat Window Languages (for example: from "English copy" -> select the default "English" language again).

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