How to get a free license

You can qualify for a free 1-year license for 5 agents if both of the following conditions are met:
  1. You are an affiliate of JivoChat
  2. You write an article about JivoChat on your website.
Here are the full requirements for the article:
  • The article should be unique, please write it in your own words. You can take content from
  • The article must include a hyperlink that leads to your affiliate referral link, for example
  • The article must contain the logo or screenshots of JivoChat
  • Thе article should be posted on your website in а blog, news page or on another page
  • Please post a link to this article on your Facebook or Twitter page
  • Do not use rel="nofollow" or any script that prevents search engines from crawling the article's page
  • The article should be posted forever
  • The article should have at least 500 words
You can choose any topic for the article. But we suggest you write an announcement that you installed JivoChat, why you chose to do it, how you think it will benefit your business, and probably your personal opinion about us :)